Curved Pole design

Safety always comes first here at Little Nation. One of many safety features our trampolines have is the unique pole design. Our poles curve away from the net to reduce the amount of accidents our little ones are involved in. Energetic slips, during excited jumping sessions, are inevitable…..but injuries are avoided due to the outward curved feature of the poles.

Zipless Entry

The unique zipless entry self closes without the use of Velcro or zippers. The zipless entry/exit is just another example of how we’ve considered safety, as a priority when designing our trampolines. The overlapping flap closes behind your child as he or she slips into the jumping area. Security in the netted area is ensured by the zipless entry closure and there is no danger of the trampoline accidentally being left open. We think that we’d be hard pressed to find a jumping, excited, energetic child to stop and zip or velcro up the entrance/exit……each and every time they feel like a bounce for fun!!

Spring Seal

Our  trampoline nets are made with high-strength polyester woven netting, which consists of special knot free qualities, making it reliable, durable and long lasting. As we all know, most trampolines are kept outside in direct sunlight all year round…making them susceptible to damage caused by harsh sunlight. This is why we have UV treated the polyester fibres of the net, which protect it from splitting or fraying under the constant harmful rays of the sun. Our nets are also  tightly woven so there is not a chance of fingers being caught.

The safety net and jump mat are tightly joined which prevents limbs being able to sneak through the gaps.

Powder Coated Galvanised Frame

Little Nation Trampolines have been designed with qualities to ensure the safety, stability and durability of the frame. Our trampoline frame has been rust-proofed, galvanised and powder coated, all ‘built to last’ qualities you’d like to see in any trampoline. All the visible parts of the frame are coated in a UV resistant black powder coating giving a smart appealing finish.

Big Bounce Springs

Strong, sturdy, well-constructed springs have been used to support our Little Nation little bouncers….giving them that extra ordinary bounce. Our high tensile extension springs are durable and ensure maximum airtime. The bounce is guaranteed to be smooth and springy because it is well supported by a strong, sturdy frame, which is connected to such high tensile springy springs.

Fibreglass Top Ring

We have added a fibreglass top ring to our trampolines to increase safety, net tightness and reduce stretching over time. Whilst improving safety, this feature also helps the trampoline look great for years to come.

Padded Safety Net Poles

In case the curved pole design is not enough, we have also added high density foam padding to the safety net poles. Covering the foam is a UV resistant PVC sleeve. This is inline with our philosophy that we can never be too safe when it comes to our kids….and it also looks great!


All Little Nation Trampolines come with a warranty giving you piece of mind. We also provide replacement parts outside of warranty for half the RRP price. Providing this warranty shows the strength of belief in the trampoline’s performance. Each part of the trampoline is under this warranty so that you,  purchaser of a Little Nation Trampoline has complete confidence in every aspect of the product.



Dont Buy A Competitors Trampoline That Will End Up Looking Like This



Size 8′ 10′ 12′ 14′
Max Weight 100kg 150kg 150kg 150kg
Frame Diameter/Jump Mat Size  2.5m/2.2m 3.05m/2.75m 3.66m/3.26m 4.27m/3.90m
Frame Height 0.54cm 0.7m 0.82m 0.92m
Total Height 2.4m 2.52m 2.65m 2.73m
Top Ring Fibreglass Rod Fibreglass Rod Fibreglass Rod Fibreglass Rod
Springs 48pc 64pc 72pc 88pc
Frame Pad UV resistant PVC UV resistant PVC UV resistant PVC UV resistant PVC
Safety Net UV Resistant Polyester

Height: 1.8m

UV Resistant Polyester

Height: 1.8m

UV Resistant Polyester

Height: 1.8m

UV Resistant Polyester

Height: 1.8m

Safety Pole UV Resistant PVC UV Resistant PVC UV Resistant PVC UV Resistant PVC