Product Descriptions: 

Play Basketball with your child: Perfect practice basketball hoop stand used for jump shots and dunking drills

Flexible: Can be used both indoor and outdoor. The basketball stand can be adjusted from a  height of 1.63 meter (5.3 ft) to 2.09 meter (6.9 ft). 

Durable construction: Made of sturdy and durable material to last a lifetime. With a stable construction design, wheels are also installed at the base for easy transport. 

Easy to assemble:  Basketball Hoop Stand has a stable design with wheels installed at the base for easy transport and easy to assemble. Basketball net included.

Safe to use: non-toxic paint was used on the product.

Product Features:


  • Adjustable height between 1.63 meter  to 2.09 meter 
  • Flexible and sturdy construction design. Can be used for indoor and outdoor play. 
  • Package include: Base; stand, backboard, basketball ring and net.