Product Description: 

Practicality: Little nation table protectors offer protection of your marble, glass, stainless or granite furniture tops against water, oil, and ink spill.   

Versatility: The PVC table protector is waterproof, heat resistant and dust proof. Easy to maintain. 

Durability: Made of sturdy PVC Eco-friendly material (1.5 mm Clear Vinyl thick plastic) with round edges, it has no strong plastic smell or odor.  

Product Features:

  • Little Nation PVC table protector is versatile since it is waterproof, heat resistant, oil resistant and dust proof. Thus it is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Measurement:  91.44 cm (36 inches) in width,  182.88 mm  (72 inches) in length (L)  x 0.15 cm  (0.06 inches) in thickness. 
  • Weights: TBD after production