Product Description:

Play a round of golf with your child: Fancy a round of golf with your child? Share your love for a game of golf with the purchase of Little Nation Right Handed Junior Golf Set – Red.  Suitable for children  ages 5 -8 years old. 

Durable construction: The Wood and Hybrid golf club are made of strong aluminium alloy with carbon shaft; the Irons golf clubs are made of strong stainless steel with carbon shaft; and the Puffer golf club is made of strong steel shafts. High quality nylon fabrics are used for the provided Golf bag and head covers. 

Product set includes: one (1) piece 15 driver; one (1) piece 26 hybrid;  one (1) piece #7 iron; one (1) piece S iron; one (1) piece Putter; one (1) Golf bag with stand and two (2) head covers

Product Features:

  • Designed for Juniors to practice and improve distance and accuracy 
  • Right handed sets for children ages 5 -8 years old.  
  • Lengths of clubs: Wood#1 – 86 cm (34 inches); Hybrid – 79 cm (31 inches); Iron#7 – 74 cm (29 inches); Iron: S- 71 cm(28 inches); and  Putter- 71 cm (28 inches).  
* The clubs are sourced from a very well known golfing brand and rebranded ‘LN’ or ‘Little Nation’. We are then able to sell this high-quality product cheaper than our competitors.