The Scania Ava Cot

With a touch of scandinavian flare, our Little Nation cot is sure to impress, not only by looks but by price point, safety and functionality. We can read your minds and know that safety is on the top of your list of priorities when considering your little loves and we couldn’t agree more. Our ‘Scandi’ cot complies with Australian National safety standards with the added safety precaution of having both cot sides firm in place, without the drop side feature.  It does however, feature an adjustable base which means that you can lower and raise your cot base depending on the age and ability of your child, all the while considering ergonomics and ease of everyday use for bending parents when your baby is very young.  When putting together a nursery for your baby, the big ticket item is the cot, but here at Little Nation…..big tickets doesn’t equate to big bucks.

Pair with Scania change table

135cm x 75cm x 88cm

Approved to meet Australian Standards

Any piece of furniture that is climbable by toddlers has the ability to tip over. We strongly recommend anchoring this product to the wall.