Product Description

Therapeutic use:  Use for children who are having problems maintaining their equilibrium and balances. Helps your children to strengthen their muscles and improve their motor skills.  Also promotes muscle coordination and balance.  Suitable for children ages 3 years and above. 

Quality materials: Little Nation Therapy swing is made of soft and stretchable 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabric that is colorfast, washable (line dry), long-lasting.  Can handle a maximum weight of 74 kg (165 lbs).  

Product measurement: Therapy Swing is measured at 90 cm (35.4 inches) x 150cm (59 inches) and weighs 0.58 kgs (1.28 lbs). The six (6) adjustable position rope is measured at one (1) meter ( 3.24 feet). 

Product Features

  • Can be used in occupational therapy and classrooms
  • Can help children who are having  difficulty maintaining their equilibrium and balance
  • Promotes coordination and balance, strengthens muscles, and improves your child’s motor skills. Helps your child in daily skill building. 
  • Included in this package:  hammock swing, 240 lb screw eye, carabiner clip, daisy chain strap,  and accessories for wood and concrete attachment. Tools needed to assemble: stud finder, drill, bit, and screwdriver or metal rod to twist screw eye.
  • Comes in Blue, Grey or Pink.