Kids Electric Cars

Let your child be the absolute envy of the playground in one of our Little Nation Electric Cars.

If you’re looking for the most amount of fun possible on four wheels (or any wheels for that matter), you just can’t go past our range of luxury electric cars for kids!!! Safety, durability and awesome features are among the key aspects to consider when looking for an electric car for your child and here at Little Nation we most definitely have you covered.

Merc 4×4 Style
Range Rover Style

All of our Little Nation badged electric cars are based on popular real car models and so are not only going to please the little ones, but also (and potentially even more so) please the adult supervising. Offering up endless hours of fun and giggles, there really is something about seeing the tiny tots independently getting around on and learning to steer their way around on their very own set of luxury wheels.

Our cars all feature a horn, realistic engine sounds and a MP3 player for the little rev head who likes to bop behind the wheel. Each of our electric cars comes complete with a parental remote control, letting you take the reigns of the steering and power for when your younger child wants to be taken for a ride or for an adventurous preschooler who is getting used to the accelerator pedal-this proves to be a great safety feature.

Designed for kids aged 3-8 years