3 Wheel Scooters

The Little Nation scooter is a premium 3 wheel scooter for kids aged between 2 – 6. Features an adjustable T-bar, reinforced deck and our signature Little Nation LED wheels.

Steering is via the “lean to steer” method which is easier then the traditional steering and removes the dangers of “over steering” the front wheel which can result in nasty crashes. Little Nation scooters will improve your childs co-ordination, fine motor skills and make your child cover longer distances on foot which is a win for mum and dad!

Probably the most en genius thing about this scooter is the the LED wheels. The LEDs in the wheels are powered by the friction of the wheels turning which means no batteries required! You need to see these wheels to believe how cool they are!

*Please Note: The item will be delivered in a box with a picture of a scooter on it.

Coastal Scooter Ride

LED Wheels in Action